Сверхтоннажный Электроприводной Погрузчик XCMG XC9350 (CE)



Сверхтоннажный Электроприводной Погрузчик XCMG XC9350

XC9350 is the self-innovated four-wheel independent electrical-drive loader with operating capacity up to 40 tons, which now is the loader of the largest tonnage  refreshing  the  record  of  XCMG  LW1400KN  in  the  domestic  market.  The  independent  development  of  critical  technology  makes  us  the  leader  of super-large-tonnage loaders by breaking the monopoly of international competitors. The machine is the optimal option for XCMG 110-200-ton mining trucks featuring multiple characteristics including long service life, low maintenance cost and high reliability, etc., and applicable to various conditions including large strip mines, loading by mining trucks, and short-distance transportation, etc.

AC-DC-AC  high-voltage  electrical-drive  system  of  high  efficiency  and  quick  response,  featuring  special  functions  of  anti-slip,  limp  home  mode,  and automatic protection, etc.

Hybrid power and energy recovery, with effective recycling of energy generated by integrated electro-hydraulic braking (EHB) to drive the wheel rim motor and minimize the abrasion of mechanical braking.

XCMG  core  technology  of  «Intelligent  electro-hydraulic  proportional  control  system  +  electrical  positive-flow  hydraulic  system  +  electrical  load-sensing handle-steering system» to realize accurate and efficient compound actions during operations including loading, driving, and steering, etc.

Intelligent man-machine interaction system featuring real-time, safe, easy, and fast monitoring and diagnosis of operation as well as the complete safety protection system.

Structure parts

Luxurious operating environment

The structural parts are made of cold high-strength structural steels, with high-strength c for critical stress-bearing parts, featuring high loading capacity for torques and impacts multiple working conditions.

Unique  working  device  with  dual-rocker  arm,  with  the  moving  arm  and  bucket  m high-strength and abrasion-resistant structural steels for severe conditions with variable

Drive system

The hub reducer assembly consisted of multiple-stage planetary wheels featuring a high ratio and large torque.

Maintenance-free drive shaft with high anti-torque capability and reliable transmission.

The  high  reliability  multi-functional  combination  instrument  equipped  accurately  monit running status of the engine and accurately reads the malfunctions of engine and trans via CAN bus communication technology. With sound-light alarm and indication, the LCD accurately displays the running status of the whole machine.

High  energy-conservation  and  efficiency

Perfect matching of the engine, generator and wheel rim motor to maximize the efficiency and minimize

AC-DC-AC  electrical  drive  system  with  high  efficiency,  advanced  control  technology,  and  fast  response,  as  well  as  more  than  20%  of  fuel  conservation, compared with other hydraulic-drive loaders with the same capacity.

The AC squirrel-cage type motor is featuring high reliability, low maintenance ratio and large output torque, etc.

The  electrical  positive-flow  hydraulic  working  system,  associated  with  constant-power  control  technology,  has  improved  the  energy  conservation,  fast response, and controllability of the hydraulic system and the efficiency of the combination process.

The electrical load-sensing handle-steering system can realize the accurate control of the machine and improve the comfort of the operator.

The unique working device with the dual-rocker arm is configured with the limit sensing mechanism with angle memory, featuring functions including elevating limit,  automatic  leveling,  etc.  to  ensure  accurate  limit,  reduce  the  impact  and  prevent  repetitive  operations  during  elevation  and  unloading.  It  can  not  only minimize the working intensity but also improve the operating efficiency of the machine.

Hybrid power and energy recovery, with effective recycling of energy generated by integrated electro-hydraulic braking (EHB) to drive the wheel rim motor and minimize the abrasion of mechanical braking.

All-new integrated and supercharged driving cab, complying with the requirement of

ROPS&FOPS specified in relevant ISO standard.

Adjustable and air-suspension seats with high backrest featuring strea and shock-absorption, configured with seat for co-driver.

The  operating  data,  failures,  and  alarms  will  be  indicated  on  the  LCD array and the control instruments.

The silicone oil shock absorbers are adopted to connect the cab with realize the flexible vibration transmission and remarkably reduce the jit cab.

The  high  power  heating  and  air  conditioning  system  with  intelligent control  and  the  pressurized  cab  provide  you  with  a  super-quiet  a comfortable operating environment with appropriate temperature.

Noise to the operator 75dB.

Safety braking

Electrical retarder brake: It is controlled by the accelerator pedal which can stop the machine without applying the mechanical braking.

Service brake: The braking disc of hydraulic braking motor. Each drive motor is configured with one braking disc and one braking caliper to ensure braking on fixed points of the machine.

Parking brake: It is the spring braking with the braking disc of hydraulic release drive motor, that each motor inside the rear drive axle housing is configured with one parking brake.

The real-time collection of temperature and pressure data will be done by the sensors in the tires for safety operation.

Reversing camera system

The reversing camera system is equipped to reduce the rearview blind zones and improve the working safety.

Maintenance access

45° automatic ladder with three-point support for the operator with safety and comfort.

Left and right aisles with emergency exits with easy access.

The machine is configured with multiple platforms and points for maintenance and the hood is designed   with   various   rotary   structures   for   easy   maintenance   and   limited   duration   of shutdown required.

Centralized and fast filling and sampling

Quick filling of fuels, engine oil, and hydraulic oil with high efficiency.

The  centralized  sampling  of  transfer  case  gear  oil,  engine  oil,  and  hydraulic  oil  with  easy operation.